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Bookshelf speakers


How hard is it to set up?

Very easy to set up, just plug in a few wires and you can use it. Make sure your audio source outputs the right format though.


What material is the exterior?

High-quality MDF wood build finished with wood effect vinyl serves as a great compliment to any home decor.


Is there DSP technology?

Yes. 3 different equalizer modes: Dialogue mode, music mode, movie mode, Bass & treble adjustable to match your favorite sound.


Is this compatible with Sony TV?

Yes, Sony and Bestisan Bookshelf speakers work well together.


Is good enough for PC gaming for a small apartment?

Yes, I also bought it for PC gaming in my apartment. These bookshelf speakers can works great for the price, the bass is quite strong to my ears at least.


Why the Bluetooth can’t be connected?

Ensured all cables and wires are securely connected.


Why does the passive speaker no play sound

You need to connect them together with the speaker wire(black- gold, silver- Red ).