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Soundbar 2.0


Hear echo when watching TV?

1. Setting your TV audio to external speakers.
2. Mute the TV speakers.


I hear buzzing or humming

1. Ensure all cables and wires are surely connected.
2. Connect a different source device (TV,Blue-ray,etc) to see if the buzzing persists.If it does not,the problem may be with the original device.
3. Connect your device to a different input on the Sound bar.


Why the remote isn’t working?

1. Checking if the battery is installed properly with power.

2. Check the sign of the receiver is covered by something.

3. Contact your retailer for assistance.


Why the bluetooth can’t be connected?

1. Ensured all cables and wires are securely connected.

2. Connect different source device (TV, Blu-ray player, etc) to see if the buzzing persist. 


No sound or cracking noise

1. Check if all cables are connected properly.

2. Press mute on the remote to ensure the Soundbar is not muted.

3. When use a cable connection, make sure your device has an audio output port.


Is it compatible with all types of tv?

It is compatible with TVs with  audio outputs. RCA, headphone, or optical/digital audio out.