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Soundbar 2.1


I hear buzzing or humming

1. Ensure all cables and wires are surely connected.
2. Connect a different source device (TV,Blue-ray,etc) to see if the buzzing persists.If it does not,the problem may be with the original device.
3. Connect your device to a different input on the Sound bar.


Why the bluetooth can’t be connected?

1. Ensured all cables and wires are securely connected.

2. Connect different source device (TV,Blu-ray player,etc) to see if the buzzing persist. 


Is the system wireless or wired or is it both?

The soundbar can be connected by Bluetooth and the subwoofer is wired.


Can the subwoofer be externally wired ?

The subwoofer has a wire that plugs into a port directly into the back of the soundbar.


How does it sound?

It sounds great. It‘s a surround sound system, and there is a separate subwoofer, sound is clear and powerful.


Does it come with mount brackets?

Yes, you will get a sound bar, subwoofer, remote, user‘s guide, optical cable, audio cable, power adapter, wall mount brackets, mount screws and template. All accessories were includeded in the box.